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De Standaard, 'A secret garden full of dreams' - Charlotte De Somviele (19.03.2019)
SECRET GARDENS: An essay for 'Underneath Which Rivers Flow' - Guy Gypens (13.03.19)
Announcing season 2019/2020 - Decoratelier Jozef Wouters

For Decoratelier Jozef Wouters, the season starts with a new building, open projects and renewed collaborations. But first we have to say goodbye, to both our present base in Molenbeek (Brussels) and Underneath Which Rivers Flow, the production made together with Globe Aroma, which we will revive for the very last time before the building makes way for a neighbourhood park.

As from October, the Decoratelier will continue its work in another building a stone’s throw from the old one, at 17-19 Manchesterstraat. Once there, we will look for a new approach in dialogue with the building, old and new partners, and spontaneous encounters.

We are reflecting on the significance and function of the courtyard together with the WijkAntenne de Quartier (WAQ) neighbourhood group, the city-wide Zinneke project and local residents. What forms of construction and gathering might develop in this semi-public space? How can we together give shape to these square metres whose use is still undetermined?

We will continue exploring the interaction between architecture and nightlife in the main space together with, among others, the Brussels art and party collectives Leaving Living Dakota and Abstrahø. The writer Jeroen Peeters and visual designer Barry Ahmad Talib will be the first of a series of in-house artists who will be given the space to develop their own projects. In addition, The Unbuilt School of Architecture (born out of the 2019 Kunstenfestivaldesarts) keeps on providing a space for young artists to meet and build things together.

In parallel with the external projects including those in Mechelen (Museum Hof van Busleyden with ARSENAAL/LAZARUS) and Tunis (Dream City festival), Decoratelier Jozef Wouters continues to be a place for constructive exploration in ever-changing spaces, with no distinction made between sketching, making, imagining and talking.

Walker Art, Supernal Movements, Asymmetrical Encounters: Meg Stuart & Jompet Kuswidananto's Celestial Sorrow - Thomas DeFrantz (21.11.19)

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