In her first production as an artist in residence at the Volksbühne Berlin, Meg Stuart researches the nature of the fictitious in a theater that is disguised as a laboratory. In a claustrophobic, octagonal observation room, eight performers work as human guinea pigs. In search of self-optimization, they pass through alternative realities and allow these to seep into their bodies. They get high in the no-man’s-land between loss and happiness; they reverse the order of things and turn into mutants and monsters that dare enter borderline areas of human existence – because these guinea pigs aren’t just people, but also actors rehearsing their scenes. Replacement was awarded the German theater prize DER FAUST in 2006.

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concept and direction
Meg Stuart

created with and performed by
Gaëtan Bulourde, Thomas Conway, Abraham Hurtado, Anna MacRae, Kotomi Nishiwaki, Vania Rovisco, Frank James Willens, Sigal Zouk

set design
Barbara Ehnes