Meg Stuart
Damaged Goods
Jozef Wouters/Decoratelier
De Morgen, ‘These are good times in which to need each other' - Frederik Willem Daem (27.01.17)
Meg Stuart and Jozef Wouters dream of new art spaces - Charlotte De Somviele (30/03/2017)
Interview de Maïa Bouteillet pour le Festival d’Automne à Paris (05.2017) [ French ]
PUBLICO, It is still raining on Francisco Camacho - Inês Nadais (16.06.17)
TANZ, „Projecting [Space[“ in der Zentralwerkstatt der Zeche Lohberg in Dinslaken - Nicole Strecker (20.06.17) [ German ]
Jozef Wouters: selected not once, not twice, but three times for het ‘TheaterFestival’ - Evelyne Coussens (04.09.17)

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