Meg Stuart
Damaged Goods
Jozef Wouters/Decoratelier
taz, Der Körper ist kein Klavier - Astrid Kaminski (20.06.18) [ German ]
BRUZZ, Headaches and Damaged Goods: Celestial Sorrow premieres at the Kaaistudios - Michaël Bellon (01.2018)
To be as visible as possible, Interview with Meg Stuart and Jompet Kuswidananto - Jeroen Versteele (2018)
The sound of a railroad tie and broken records, Interview with Mieko Suzuki and Ikbal Simamora Lubys - Jeroen Versteele (2018)
The time we lost, A conversation with Rimah Jabr - Chris Keulemans (02.18)
The Young Ones, An interview with Meg Stuart - Kinga Jaczewska (23.02.18)
Focus Le Vif, A hurricane on stage - Estelle Spoto (24.05.18)
Focus Le Vif, Ouragan sur la scène - Estelle Spoto (24.05.18) [ French ]
Mouvement, Nous sommes accros au démantèlement des choses - Aïnhoa Jean-Calmettes & Jean-Roch de Logivière (03.18) [ French ]
Mouvement, We are addicted to dismantling things - Aïnhoa Jean-Calmettes & Jean-Roch de Logivière (03.18)
Kulturstiftung des Bundes Magazine, Exhaustion into Transcendence - Hans Ulrich Obrist (04.18)
Spike Art, Energetic Turn - Astrid Kaminski (22.06.18)

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