Performers and the audience sit at a large, square table with four microphones. Auf den Tisch! is an improvised conference about improvisation that also reflects on its own conditions. For Meg Stuart, improvisation means crisis, but also trust and finding solutions in uncertain situations. She thus related directly to life as it is today, in which insecurity accompanies our daily life and quick reactions are necessary. How do we react to situations that we aren’t prepared for? How do we deal with fear? Or accidents? During the conference, the questions are necessarily rational, but the answers are physical and the solutions are always the right ones. The performers improvise, sing, play, dance and speak; the transition from speaking and doing is blurred and arguments change their form. It’s not just about acting, but also about being sensitive and listening to others. In the process, the border between the performers and the audience becomes hazy; they perform on the stage – on the table, in fact – but also next to it. Thus the conference turns into a collaboration or negotiation in which everyone brings something to the table and everyone works through the resulting situations together. The group of performers, theoreticians, musicians, dancers, visual artists and audience members changes for every conference, so each performance is a unique experience.

Auf den Tisch! took place in Maasmechelen, Berlin, Ghent, Brussels, Vienna, Salzburg, Lisbon, New York and San Francisco.

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An improvisation project curated by
Meg Stuart