Blanket Lady was created in dialogue with visual artist Claudia Hill in 2012 on the occasion of “Moments. A History of Performance in 10 Acts” at ZKM Karlsruhe (D). In this international live exhibition, the history of art performance in dance and fine arts was investigated with a focus on the works by women who have consciously been thematizing these genre boundaries between the 1960-80s. Departing from this feminist art movement, Claudia Hill gave shape to the visual appearance of the Blanket Lady, contrasting softness with hardness, protection with vulnerability, and primitivism with sensuality. Infused with life by Meg Stuart, the persona of the Blanket Lady got fuelled with a darker intensity. Initially a performance installation, the solo re-appeared in Sketches/Notebook (2013).

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Choreography and dance Meg Stuart
Costumes Claudia Hill
Music Brendan Dougherty