Meg Stuart and the Portuguese choreographer and dancer Francisco Camacho worked together for the first time on Stuart's debut evening-length work Disfigure Study. Their second collaboration, BLESSED, had its premiere in Ghent (BE) in 2007. Now, ten years later, this production is still on the living repertoire performed by Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods. This is not a dusty revival, but more of a deeper exploration by Francisco Camacho, for whom this choreography was created.

Even after a decade Camacho continues to propel himself forward in his cardboard pseudo-paradise, a design by visual artist Doris Dziersk. Tormented by incessant rain he holds on to a world that has long been in ruins. Though a work of great somberness focusing on the relentless struggle that is life, BLESSED comforts us with the subtle power of the aesthetics of destruction. Our world of artificial gadgets, role models and external appearances is breached by the most basic fundamentals. To the accompaniment of a musical composition written and performed by Hahn Rowe, BLESSED thus outlines the slow loss of an illusion, down to the last shred.

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choreography Meg Stuart
created with and performed by Francisco Camacho, Abraham Hurtado & Kotomi Nishiwaki
music Hahn Rowe
dramaturgy Bart Van den Eynde
installation Doris Dziersk
costumes Jean-Paul Lespagnard
light Jan Maertens

Interview (2018)
Die Welt (2008)