In her cycle Insert Skin, which she began in 1996, Meg Stuart works her way under people’s skin. Here she invites visual artists to join her in interrupting her usual working methods and creating new things and ideas. She forms the solo Insert Skin #1 – They Live in Our Breath (1996) together with the installation artist Lawrence Malstaf and the composer Vincent Malstaf. Stuart’s body, outfitted with hair and fats, becomes an object, a sculpture, a hybrid monstrous body somewhere between animal and human. In Lawrence Malstaf’s installation it becomes a part of the image, and Vincent Malstaf’s principles of electronic music such as sampling and remixing are transferred onto physicality. Movement fragments or states are likewise remixed and sampled – the body gains a voice. Thus a space between performance and installation opens up: a landscape that redefines the body’s role.

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choreography and dance
Meg Stuart