Seagulls screech. Or is it screaming children? Two bodies roll over one another in the dim lighting: on top of one another, away from one another, they succumb to gravity. The first collaboration between the dancers and choreographers Philipp Gehmacher and Meg Stuart is an intimate artistic dialogue among friends. Accompanied by the Brussels singer/songwriter Niko Hafkenscheid’s guitar grooves, they meet on stage: two artists known for their critical approach to the alienated body. Here they develop a fragile common language by allowing the big subjects of love and loss to cross through their bodies. In the process, they represent themselves as individuals on the one hand, and as a couple on the other: close enough to touch, but endlessly distant, they try to meet in an embrace. But consolation and pain go hand in hand; existence’s infinite nature lurks at the end of every attempt at intimacy. Stuart and Gehmacher reproduce gestures of closeness and loss; they rehearse them, slow them down and blow them up to a bitter, melancholy image – with the cloud’s silver lining all-inclusive.

"I try to exercise loss, but that does not necessarily mean that I am able to accept it". (Rivane Neuenschwander)

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choreography & dance
Meg Stuart & Philipp Gehmacher

live music
Niko Hafkenscheid

Tanznetz (2007)
Etcetera (2007)
De Morgen (2007)