Two bodies meet in a playing field demarcated by fluorescent tubes lying on the floor. They stand facing one another diagonally like wrestlers, charge at one another and intertwine while trying to throw the other to the floor and pin him down. Or while trying to nestle and cling to one another? Meg Stuart and Philipp Gehmacher start their second collaboration as a highly physical confrontation in a contact duet like a controlled wrestling match. They manipulate and heal one another; fascinated by the other’s vulnerability, they search their fault lines and their bodies’ edges. They are then increasingly integrated into the video artist Vladimir Miller’s world of images. He films both and reworks, filters, exaggerates and edits the video live, until the events and the video projection visibly diverge. The fault lines is a hybrid between performance and video installation that is shown exclusively in gallery spaces and small theatres.

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created by
Philipp Gehmacher & Vladimir Miller & Meg Stuart