Three people meet in a landscape of fake fur: a couple and a visible third man. Are these people campers, or travelers beyond the confines of time? Are they old or young, colleagues, friends or lovers, scientists or guinea pigs, humans or animals? When the foundations of existence crumble, previously delineated borders disappear. Meg Stuart and the Canadian choreographer Benoît Lachambre move like cave researchers in the body’s subterranean landscapes in search of its deficiencies and desires, chasms and agglomerations, time curves and emotional reflex zones. Potentially, everything here is counterfeit, the only real thing is the unreal: the man and woman make themselves at home in the wrong place, they try sex and fail, they hallucinate and daydream. Their research excursion is devoted to the interior and exterior geographies of our relationships to one another and the surrounding world; it’s accompanied by Hahn Rowe’s music.

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choreography & dance
Meg Stuart & Benoît Lachambre

live music
Hahn Rowe