Before her stage set from Visitors Only (2003) is destroyed, the stage designer Anna Viebrock takes leave from it for two days during the T:mefestival. The set is installed for the last time on a public square in the center of Ghent. Stuart and Viebrock take the opportunity to return to their memories of the piece and to improvise with those spirits that once inhabited the show. Revisited interrupts hectic Saturday shopping; it celebrates a euphoric, dizzying farewell. The dancers wander through the half-open house, accompanied by an orchestra. They fall through porous floors, lean on crooked walls and belay through unreliable doors.

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Meg Stuart

Loup AbramoviciTawny Andersen, Pascal Buyse, Hugo Boris Cossio Plaza, Ugo Dehaes, Christine Divito, Marc Iglesias Figueras, Antonija Livingstone, Alexandra Macdonald, Felipe Mafasoli, Andreas Müller, Juliana Neves, Claire O'Neil, Frank Pay, Vania Rovisco, Elie Tass, Fatou Traoré, Kristof Van Boven, Ana Cristina Velasquez, Maria Clara Villa Lobos, Uiko Watanabe, Karolina Wolkowiecka