The first version of Running was created for SKITe, a project by Jean-Marc Adolphe at the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale in Paris: 25 people run at different speeds in a circle and then group together. Puccini arias are played throughout the entire piece. A woman runs against the current; she puts on lipstick while running. A man with a chair in his hand runs directly behind her, a different man tries to light a cigarette. A couple eats a meal together, one person reads while running. Parallel worlds unfold; round upon round the stories interweave, become multi-layered and complex. The circularity creates a field for images and déjà-vus; a special sense of time is developed and the passing stories are decoded like the circulating images in old films – until everything theatrical is thinned out and only two men are running in step.

The project was recreated for the SKITe Festival in Porto 2008 and titled Re-Run.

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Meg Stuart

Henry Purcell, Giacomo Puccini