The images of bodies are projected onto a glass table covered with fine sand. The hands of two performers move the sand and thus manipulate the position, size and form of the projected bodies; they mutate into all kinds of shapes or situations. In Meg Stuart’s and the visual artist Magali Desbazeille’s video installation, first created for the site-specific project Highway 101, the solid body dissolves in movement and new, fascinating, disturbing or even disgusting images are created. When its foundations are liquefied, the image doesn’t remain a static object. The bodies lose their physical substance and, like the sand, change with every movement and perspective.

© Damaged Goods — — +32 (0)2.513.25.40

a performance installation by
Magali Desbazeille and Meg Stuart

performed by
Heine R. Avdal and Yukiko Shinozaki
Eric Grondin
and Varinia Canto Vila

Bart Aga

Magali Desbazeille

Damaged Goods