Sketches/Notebook is a performance experience bringing different art forms together in a ritual reformulating interdisciplinary forms of cooperation. Created during a residency at the Hau hebbel am Ufer Berlin, the project marked a new alliance for Stuart and her company. In real time, performers,
visual artists and a musician share the space, their sensibilities and abilities to surround the audience with a vibrant world of light, music, objects and gestures. A series of rough sketches and intimate investigations are presented as an open field of actions reduced to their most essential features. Sketches /Notebook is a sacred playground that teases boundaries. Embrace the dark. Swing your arms. Change the weather.

Inside the Magic Cave: short documentary about Sketches/Notebook


A project by Meg Stuart
Created in collaboration with
Performance Jorge De Hoyos, Antonija Livingstone, Leyla Postalcioglu, Maria F. Scaroni, Julian Weber
(Live) music Brendan Dougherty
Stage design and projections Vladimir Miller
Costume design Claudia Hill
Light design Mikko Hynninen
Assistant creation Ana Rocha
Project researcher Nicola Rebeschini
Assistant costumes Kahori Furukawa


© Eva Würdinger
© Iris Janke
© Eva Würdinger
© Eva Würdinger
© Iris Janke