Crash Landing

Many of Meg Stuart’s projects deal with the history and the current state of improvisation. She thus initiated and curated the interdisciplinary improvisation series Crash Landing in collaboration with Christine De Smedt and David Hernandez, which took place in Leuven, Vienna, Paris, Lisbon and Moscow. Beginning with a dialogue and the desire to rethink the understanding of and experience with improvisation as a form of performance, they allow for an experiment with an open ending and create a forum for a multiplicity of artists. In total, over 80 choreographers, designers, visual artists, musicians, actors, directors and authors took part, exchanged ideas and improvised together. De Smedt, Hernandez and Stuart each suggest a plan and open questions; the rest is discovered by the group on stage. Stuart’s aim is to be out of control, to make spontaneous decisions, share responsibility and dare to fail. The improvisations alternated between installations, concerts, dance, parties and odd mutations of all of these forms; strange dances, situations and images were created. In a best case scenario, Crash Landing is a model of hybrid thought processes.


Performance Andrei Adrianov, Jérôme Bel, Nuno Bizarro, Francisco Camacho, Boris Charmatz, Christine De Smedt, David Hernandez, Louise LecavalierMonica Lapa, Diane MaddenVera Mantero, Frank Micheletti, Nasser Martin-Gousset, Irina Mischina, José Navas, Steve PaxtonLa Ribot, Jan Ritsema, Xavier Le Roy, João Samões, Meg Stuart, Oleg Soulimenko, António Tavares, Marc Tompkins, Kate Valk, Claude Wampler
Live music Pierre Bastien, Willem BrinkDavid BovéeDavid Linton, DJ Low, Bart Maris, Vincent Malstaf, Jon Rose, Hahn Rowe, David Shea, Andrei Smirnov, Yuri Spitsin, Harry de Wit