confirm humanity

Position your body alongside the outer contours of its skin, and then further past, cross the bounding-line of what it knows, linger in the space of intersecting realms.
Contend that being at the edge, where one thing resists another, is the way to know, feel, sense and experience.

Infiltrated by technological advancement, bombarded with information,
sensorially reprogrammed, and caught in the cross-current of artificial fields, the very speed and focus of its attentive capacity manipulated at an industrial scale, the contemporary body is as digital as it is human.

In a world where we need CAPTCHAs to verify we’re not robots, let’s first assume that we are extraordinarily digital, and then look for signs of being human.

confirm humanity – a solo choreography for two dancers – asks what remains after the body is reset to its factory settings: when its relationality to things, to space, to time, to laws is entirely new. Where does the human reside if the body is a blank slate? Is it in the breath, the emotion, the vision, the tactile sensation? What happens in the cracks, the glitches, the cuts in the circuitry where one realm bleeds into another?


Choreography Meg Stuart
Created with and performed by Varinia Canto Vila, Meg Stuart
Dramaturgy Descha Daemgen
Costume design Aino Laberenz, Meg Stuart 
Production Damaged Goods in collaboration with the HAMMER Museum (L.A.) and zero point (Berlin)

© Descha Daemgen
© Descha Daemgen
© Descha Daemgen