where were we
a luminous white no place
half moon desert
half simulated ski holiday on an unknown planet

In the spring of 2020, Meg Stuart was invited by Haus der Kulturen der Welt to participate in the CC: World project. Various artists and researchers contributed personal letters, in the form of videos or essays, responding to the current state of the world. Stuart created four videos The Lobby, Intermission, Overtime and The Clock - exploring our changing relationship to time, in dialogue with the retro-futurist architecture of the iconic HKW building in Berlin.

Intermission moves this theatre to an otherworldly setting, shaped by its remarkable rooftop. Against an undulating white landscape, bodies join, resist and become disjointed in jagged pieces and broken lines. Playing with elements of science-fiction, melodrama and myth, Intermission is a fictional reflection of what it means to wait for the unknown. The city of Berlin hovers at the edge of the horizon, adding to the sense of drama about to unfold.

You can watch the videos on the HKW-website


Choreography Meg Stuart
With Márcio Kerber Canabarro, Roger Sala Reyner, Isabela Fernandes Santana, Tiran Willemse and Sigal Zouk
Costumes Aino Laberenz
Music Stephane Leonard