Are we here yet?

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Though Damaged Goods' work has yielded a lot of critical response, many questions remain unanswered when it comes to Stuart's views, issues, methods and collaborations that underpin her performance work. How does choreographer Meg Stuart create work? In the book Are we here yet?, Stuart reflects on her own practice in dialogue with Jeroen Peeters (ed.) and several (former) Damaged Goods collaborators. Mapping out genealogies and collaborations, Are we here yet? revisits meaningful moments in Stuart's artistic trajectory, drawing different lines through the work from Disfigure Study (1991) to Maybe Forever (2007). It contains observations on making and performing, discussions about improvisation and dramaturgy, essays and visual contributions, a manual with Stuart's exercises, and a selection of documents and performance texts. Are we here yet? is a container brimming with memories, projections, reflections and images close to Stuart's choreographic practice, a heterogeneity of materials that have a certain gravity of their own and won't cease to resonate and stir up new questions.

Editor: Jeroen Peeters
Graphic design: Kim Beirnaert
Published by Les presses du réel (Dijon, France), March 2010, 19 x 24 cm (softcover) - 256 pages.

Are we here yet?   ISBN: 978-2-84066-354-6

Corpus (2010)
Goethe Institut (2010)