zero point

'zero point' is a nomadic space dedicated to creative process and experimentation, founded by Meg Stuart, Descha Daemgen, and Abraham Hurtado. In 2022 zero point hosted hosted experimental artistic gatherings in its temporary Kreuzberg studio, promoting new formats of exchange, hosting meetings between artists, and inviting mystery and mischief in an increasingly disenchanted world.

For three days in November 2022 'zero point' inhabited a labyrinth of rooms and hallways in HAU3 with 'Trajectories for a Landscape', allowing sonic and cinematic landscapes to evolve and expand through its spaces, and momentary communities to be built through collective acts of sharing. Audiences were welcomed into a dreamlike fugue that decomposes and recomposes, incidental sounds spiraled into collective choirs, and topographies longed for, haunted, and imagined shaped energetic architectures. Through concerts, discussions, meditative practices, and manifestations of alternative futures, audience and invited artists traced out a shared trajectory in the search for new formats of collective action and encounter.

More info on the acitivites of zero point via and on instagram @zero.pointberlin.


Artistic Director Meg Stuart 
Curator Descha Daemgen
Associated Artist Abraham Hurtado 

Come Meet Us

Trajectories for a Landscape

© Come Meet Us - Marcio Kerber Canabarro & Joséphine Evrard
© Alternative Futures - Derek V. Bulcke
© Diluted Studies - Abraham Hurtado
© Elsewhere and now - Nicolás Dardano