The first version of Running was created for SKITe, a project by Jean-Marc Adolphe at the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale in Paris: 25 people run at different speeds in a circle and then group together. Puccini arias are played throughout the entire piece. A woman runs against the current; she puts on lipstick while running. A man with a chair in his hand runs directly behind her, a different man tries to light a cigarette. A couple eats a meal together, one person reads while running. Parallel worlds unfold; round upon round the stories interweave, become multi-layered and complex. The circularity creates a field for images and déjà-vus; a special sense of time is developed and the passing stories are decoded like the circulating images in old films – until everything theatrical is thinned out and only two men are running in step.

The project was recreated for the SKITe Festival in Porto 2008 and titled Re-Run.


Concept Meg Stuart
Music Henry Purcell, Giacomo Puccini
SKITe/Sweet and Tender at Mosteiro de São Bento da Vitória Porto
With Lucas AdolpheMarianne BaillotJenny BeyerTim DarbyshireLucie EidenbenzBegum ErciyasFrançoise FeraudMonica GiletteDomenico GiustinoMariella GreilMia HabibAntónio JúlioSima KhatamiPavlos Kountouriotis, Laura LamasSanja LatinovicMarko MilicMin Kyoung LeeCatarina MirandaAnja MüllerJosé NunesIsabel OlléMontserrat PayroPedro RosaUxia VaelloKoen VandendriesscheDavid WampachFrank James Willens
Production SKITe/Sweet & Tender Collaborations Porto 2008
Co-production Damaged Goods