Swallow My Yellow Smile

Meg Stuart collaborated with the visual artist Via Lewandowsky in her commissioned work for the Deutsche Oper Berlin ballet. Her choreography focuses on making visible what otherwise must remain hidden: maltreated bodies’ expression, questioning the relationships between inner and outer worlds, the private, physiological and public domain. In a series of intense duets and group scenes, Stuart reveals power structures and dependences, but also the subjects’ inner turmoil and isolation. The ballet dancers don’t display their virtuosity and lightness here; instead, they carry the full weight of their lives on the edge of existence and search for the possibilities of resistance there. They are observed from above by a row of extras who sit on 11-meter high steles on stage as a second tier of audience members.


Choreography Meg Stuart
Performed by Can Arslan, Charlotte Butler, Vladimir Damianov, Xavier Ferla, Marie-Pierre Flechais, Silvanna Focile,Stefano Gianetti, Martin James, Paul Nield, Maria Osende, Kathlyn Pope
Also performed by Marguerite Donlon, Arkadiusz Duch, Paul Egan, Tomas Karlborg

© Kranich