Knots and Then

when I reach back – I look for the knots – when I find them – I begin – acknowledging – untying – undoing – revising – reimagining – living the archive through – a process of awareness – unfinished invisible labor – weaving the promise of the past into the reality of now – Meg Stuart

Knots and Then is a dance solo with improvisation that engages with visitors to and objects of the Archiv der Avantgarden (AdA), a collection of artworks, documents, design and objects from the 20th century. It was first performed by Meg Stuart in the framework of the congress ‘Das Ganze Leben: Archive und Wirklichkeit’ in the Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau. The performance is now a part of the collection of the AdA.

In Knots and Then, Meg Stuart pries into the soul of materials and draws the energies and interactions of the spectator into the conversation. One of the principal missions of the congress was to examine how the objects of an archive “uncover a very specific quality of knowledge that goes far beyond their role in the historical production of knowledge and a material representation of the past.” Knots and Then speaks to the possibilities of directly engaging with this knowledge by revising, reimagining, untying, undoing, and living through the archive.


Concept and performance Meg Stuart
Live music Brandon Johnson 
Creative producer Andrea Niederbuchner
Outside eye Sigal Zouk
Assistant creation Ana Rocha
Production Archiv der Avantgarden and Damaged Goods

© Bernd Scherer
© Bernd Scherer