This is the Show and the Show is Many Things

In 1994 Meg Stuart received an invitation from curator Bart Debaere to participate to the exhibition This is the Show and the Show is Many Things / Extra Muros at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Gent (B). The exhibition showed work of twelve artists: Honoré d'O, Anne Decock, Luc Tuymans, Henrietta Lehtonen, Fabrice Hybert, Eran Schaerf, Uri Tzaig, Suchan Kinoshita, Maria Roosen, Mark Manders, Louise Bourgeois and Jason Rhoades.

Meg Stuart's contribution can be described as a 'dance installation', or as ten hours of continuous presence. Approximately eighteen actions were dispersed throughout the museum, performed by dancers, non-dancers, actors and artists. As the visitor walked through the museum he simultaneously walked through (and into) the performance. It is his pace - not the choreographers - that determined the perimeters of each action. Each room in the exhibition -each corner, each corridor - was a viable stage. As the actions were concerned with issues of absence, exposure and privateness, so too were the many in between placements that question notions of presentation. Some actions were improvised, others completely set. Some integrated physical concepts from the artists, such as Suchan Kinoshita's 'Loud Speaker', others were placed inside artists' works. Some actions the visitors hardly noticed. Collectively the dance can be seen as physical notes on the exhibition.


Concept Meg Stuart
Assistants Katherina Jones, Vincent Malstaf
Stage manager Koen Kwanten
Technical direction Marc Dewit
Participants Adrienne Altenhaus, Florence Augendre, Lieve Cuisinier, Igor De Baecke, Sigrid De Baecke, Marian De Coninck, Peter De Rouck, Christine De Smedt, Els de Wachter, Marc Dewit, Anna Drijbooms, Dulcinea Elens, David Freeman, Paul Gazzola, Lisa Gunstone, Leen Gyselinck, Kaat Gysen, David Hernandez, Jos Kuypers, Benoit Lachambre, Caro Lambert, Lawrence Malstaf, Lilia Mestre, Agnes Moors, Leen Ochelen, Fien Sulmont, Steffi Thuysbaert, Katrien van Aerschot, Hans Van Den Broeck, Paul Van Hool, Gerd Van Looy, Marianne Verschooris, Philippe Weiler
Production Damaged Goods and Museum of Contemporary Art Ghent