walk+talk #2

In March 2008 choreographer Philipp Gehmacher curated the series Still Moving at Tanzquartier Wien in Vienna, introducing the lecture demonstration format Walk+Talk. Meg Stuart was one of the ten invited artists.

I never see an empty space. Right now, [looking at the stage,] for me it’s packed. It’s full of presences, full of memories and people, a lot of people. People I know, strangers. Not energies, but people wishing things, unfulfilled desires and stories. And all this crammed together. For me, when I see this space now, it’s like an attic, where you put stuff people gave to you, or old letters that you really couldn’t bear throwing out but you probably won’t read again, things that are broken, just a lot of stuff. I think it’s really hard to go from here [in the audience] to there [on stage]. I mean, it’s not hard, but it’s never really simple.

Meg Stuart in Walk+Talk #2.

Walk+Talk on Oral Site

Oral Site is a new open source software and platform that Myriam Van Imschoot initiated as part of her artistic work on orality, transmission and interview archives. In 2011 it has been developed by a team of coders, writers and sound specialists of Sarma, Constant and Rits, who share an interest in oral and experimental publication formats. Walk+Talk#2 is published on Oral Site. Please use a recent version of Firefox to open the link.


Concept Philipp Gehmacher
Created with and performed by Meg Stuart among others