Meg Stuart
Damaged Goods
Jozef Wouters/Decoratelier
FRIEZE, Dance Moves - Astrid Kaminski (04/13)
BERLINER ZEITUNG, Es steht ein Saurier auf der Bühne - Michaela Schlagenwerth (12/01/13) [ German ]
WIENER ZEITUNG, Symphonie der Emotionen - Helene Binder (25/07/2013) [ German ]
HET THEATERFESTIVAL, Juryreport 2013 - (30/05/13)

Why do we erect monuments? This is the tantalising question raised by Meg Stuart’s Built to Last. In both dance and visual language, as much as in the choice of music, Stuart and her performers try to breath new life into cultural monuments, and to give us something akin to love and comfort. Ultimately, the dancers fail in their intention, although they do their very best. Built to Last has it all: an arsenal of impressive images, virtuoso players and exciting waves of music that keeps the viewer on the edge of his seat. Built to Last is like a journey that provides us with the space to think about who and what we are. Liberating.

TIP BERLIN, Sketchbook in motion - Dorion Weickmann (02/13)
UTOPIA PARKWAY, Kaleidoscopic sketchbook from outer space - Hans-Maarten Post (09/12/2013)

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